Duke Deuce On “Duke Nukem” Album, “Spin” With Foogiano, "Crunkstar" Album

Right after Duke Deuce dropped off his “Memphis Massacre 2” tape last February the world was hit with the coronavirus pandemic. Since then Duke had been carefully plotting his next moving leading up to his February 2021 project “Duke Nukem” which featured the likes of Foogiano, A$AP Ferg, Mulatto, Offset + many more! Stopping by On The Radar the Memphis rapper spoke about the project, how he originally got signed to QC, giving back to his hometown of Memphis, and of course, talked about his highly anticipated “CRUNKSTAR” album.

With Duke’s music being music that is truly made to be enjoyed outside and at a party the pandemic definitely hit him hard expressing that he felt a ton of pressure to drop after his highly acclaimed “Memphis Massacre 2” project last year. While the pressure was definitely there Duke delivered and expressed that he’s just happy he can get back to feeding his fan's music!

“Hell ya I felt the pressure all the pressure, my fans wouldn’t let up off of me, I really didn’t have a set plan to drop on no type of date, I just planned on dropping it as soon as possible”

As Duke has no plans of slowing down the rest of the year even right after releasing “Duke Nukem” as well as perusing numerous other business opportunities (Such as getting his own strain of marijuana) the rapper expresses his excitement for what he says will be his CRUNKEST tape every.

"This one this project crunk star, by far the crunkest tape I've ever dropped, and also it's going to be stupid versatile, I feel like my sound is advancing rapidly, Im going f-------- crazy on it”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Duke Deuce on iHeartRadio below……

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