Only The Family Interview With Booka 600, Memo 600, Doodie Lo & Timo

A few months ago Lil Durk dropped off his “The Voice” album, which is still putting up numbers on the charts to this day. After putting his own project into the world he got his “Only The Family” label together for what has become their biggest collaborative album yet. "Only the Family - Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros" which sold 29K units its first week has become one of the standout albums of 2021. Gathering together Booka 600, Memo 600, Doodie Lo and Timo from the family we got to chop it up with them On “On The Radar” for an exclusive interview about the album.

It’s been almost 2 years since OTF dropped their last collaborative album “Family Over Everything”.When it came to the making of this project the guys expressed that it kind of happened quickly but since they are always together it wasn’t hard to make the project happened with some assists from Lil Uzi Vert, Tee Grizzley, Foogiano + more.

“I can say this is something new for all of us their all good records and we were already in the mode for it we just put it together and we always together so it was easy for us to make it happen”

With the tragic passing of King Von last year and this year being the 7 year anniversary of OTF Nunu (aka Nuski) passing we asked the OTF guys how they wanted to honor the legacy of their brothers. Expressing a lot of it had to do with their chains on the cover of the album, Von also made a few posthumous appearances on the project.

“That’s how we can't forget them, it's every day, whatever we do we involving them, all our chains are on the grill, they go everywhere we go, that’s how we made it everyone chains are on the car, little stuff like that goes a long way”

With the emergence of New York drill and drill culture in general being at the forefront ofHip-Hop in 2021, we asked the guys who they think started it UK or Chicago. Of course, they made a firm statement to anyone who thinks Chicago didn’t start the movement.

“We started it, It's our own s—t, who yall saw doing it first, this is what I think, we know what we know, this s—t is real, we know we’re drill artists, we rap about what really be happening in our lives, we know what goes on. Where did the UK get the drill from though, they know where they got it from”

As for what the Only The Family label has in store next each solo member is prepping a new project to be released later this year so make sure that you stay in tune with Booka 600, Memo 600, Doodie Lo & Timo for what comes next!

Check out the full interview above and listen to "Only the Family - Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros" below…

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