M.I.S Ron On Who Started Drill, Putting His Own Spin On IT, New Music!

M.I.S Ron has been steadily climbing the ranks in the New York music scene over the past year releasing tracks such as “FTL” with Freshy DaGeneral that has amassed almost a million views on Youtube alone. Stopping by On The Radar we spoke to the young rapper about the moment he realized his life was changing because of music, wanting to get past the drill sound, weighing in on the who started drill in NYC conversation + more!

When it comes to blowing up, Ron had found much success In 2020 with the likes of various records such as “FTL”. When it came to moving a bit different Ron expressed it wasn’t until then that he realized he had to move a little smarter now that his name was getting out there more.

“The last song I dropped before 2020 ended, im talking about FTL with my and Freshy, when I dropped that was the song that really set the bar, it's my most viewed song, our fanbase got higher, more people recognized us, more people notice us, from that song on I move a little different.

With the drill sound in its prime right now, Ron has definitely become one of the young drill artists out here to watch. However, he doesn’t want to stick to this sound forever expressing that he’s comfortable with it and sometimes it even gets boring. Going forward he plans to expand his musical pallet and even include rock into some of his releases.

“I also see myself transitioning away from the drill so anyone looking at that won't put me in that category and be more versatile and I have it in me. I’m trying to do a lot of crazy stuff mixing rock n roll with drill. Hell ya it can get boring, I’m not gonna like I’m fake getting tired of it, I’m comfortable with it and that’s why I keep doing it but I’m trying to get out that comfort zone and be more versatile”

Check out the full interview above and listen to M.I.S Ron on iHeartRadio below..

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