Yhung T.O. Interview: “On My Momma 3”, Wants To Collab W/ Zaytoven, Hitboy

Fresh off of the release of his latest project alongside Pacman Da Gunman, we got to speak with the Bay’s own Yhung T.O. The rapper who is currently gearing up the release of the third installment of his “On My Momma” project spoke about other producers he would love to work on a collab album with, being independent, being on the 2018 “Black Panther” soundtrack + more!

As he comes off his collaborative project “Lord Knows” with Pacman Da Gunman, Yhung took to Twitter a few weeks ago to tease the upcoming release of his extremely popular “On My Momma” series of projects. Sharing with us the meaning behind the upcoming name of it he revealed that the album was called “Angels & Demons” but switched it up to give it a different perspective.

“The project at first was originally called “Angels and Demons”, but I switched it to “On My Momma 3: Angels And Demons” it's still going to be what it is but it'll still be coming from that “On My Momma” perspective.

Yhung also expressed that since the release of the last one he has been through a lot personally and in his career.

"There’s going to be growth, I think last time I was still in the little group situation going on, I was signed to Interscope there was a lot that went on in the period of time between (projects)”

While in the past he's worked with producers on projects such as Marshmello and Hit-boy, Yhung says that he and Hit-Boy are definitely going to get up again for something but also he would really like to work with Zaytoven who he explains is actually originally from the bay area.

"Me and Hit-boy we finna do something soon so that’s going to be coming, other than that I don’t already got in the mix I would say Zaytoven, he’s from the Bay originally that’s what a lot of people don’t know”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Yhung T.O on iHeartRadio below..

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