Pacman Da Gunman On “Lord Knows”, Collab Project With Hit-Boy, Having COVID

We connected with our West Coast family Pacman Da Gunman today for On The Radar. Coming off his recent collaborative project with Yhung T.O “Lord Knows” the rapper Is already gearing up for his next release which is set to drop sometime in the next month and even teased a collab tape with Hit-Boy dropping before the end of the year.

Connecting with fellow West Coast artist Yhung T.O for their 16 track outing on “Lord Knows”, Pacman explained that the project itself was completed in about a week at the end of 2020 and this had been in the works for some time but the two artists just finally got together to sit down to do it after years of talking about it.

“He did a feature for me a couple of years ago and that’s when we began planning to do an EP together, a few years later we ended up knocking it out and it was on some natural good energy type stuff, we would go back to back in the booth, I think we recorded the whole project in a week. I can't remember the specifics of it but the mixing and mastering took longer than the recording.

However, Pacman is nowhere near done with dropping for 2021. The rapper has another project that will be dropping this spring followed by a collaborative project with producer Hit-Boy which he is especially excited for. Explaining that at first he just wanted to get a few records in with the producer it eventually turned into a whole project.

“At first we were just talking about doing a couple of records, then one day I just tapped in with him, like let's do a tape and he was all in with it, he sent me a date to pull up and I went in there and went crazy, I ain't got a date for it but its coming, it’s an LP”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Pacman Da Gunman on iHeartRadio below…

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