King Beli On “Itzup” Project, Toosii Collab, Working With Renni Rucci

Calling in from North Carolina we had King Beli on On The Radar Radio fresh off of the release of his project “Itzup” in 2020. The rapper who found a ton of success last with the project and his single “Juice Her Up” with BWA and Renni Rucci is already gearing up to release a sequel to his 2020 album which is sure to go even harder than its predecessor.

When it came to his “Itzup” project one of the hardest aspects of the rollout for the album was the fact that we are still in a globel pandemic. While slightly discourage that we couldn’t properly enjoy the album outside, Beli expressed it made it more interesting and still receiving the love it got during this whole situation made it worth it.

“So itzup we put it out everywhere, and its just turnt up. It did a whole lot to the whole situation (Covid) it made it a little bit harder, we couldn’t promote it harder because we couldn’t be outside, but it made it a little more interesting to do it because it’s a pandemic with that being done and had the feedback that it had during the pandemic era it felt good”

One of the standout records on the project was the “Big Bang” collab with Toosii, telling us the story of how the record came about Beli revealed that they had the whole record and video done within a day.

“The relationship came about because his manager and my manager are real close, Toosii was down here and we hopped in the studio in the morning, and from the morning to like 10pm we had finished the song, we did the video, everything was done to it, it only took one day”

Check out the full interview above and listen to King Beli on iHeartRadio below..

We chopped it up with North Carolina’s own @kingbeli about his new “Itzup” project, the sequel dropping this year, working with @toosi on #Bigbank + more!

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