Byrus West Interview: “In My Mind” EP, Upcoming Project, "Fels High" Movie

Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, rapper, actor and model Byrus West has already begun plotting to take over in 2021 with the upcoming deluxe version of his 2020 ep “In My Mind”, his forthcoming project “Who The F--- is Byrus West Vol 1.” and his acting debut in “Fels High” starring Omari Hardwick coming to theaters this Summer!

Stopping by On The Radar this week Byrus spoke about all of his endeavors in 2021, how he got into fashion, working with Ed Hardy + more!

When it comes to his music Byrus dropped off his latest single “Out Of Feelings” back in September of 2020 but rest assured he hasn’t stopped working as he is currently gearing up to drop the upcoming deluxe to“In My Mind”, plus a whole new project. Sharing with us that last year he really was able to learn the ins and outs of how things worked in the music business and now knows what he has to put more emphasis on so expect a lot more this coming year.

“With "Out Of Feelings", it was really a period of me learning the music business, before that even with “In My Mind” everything I had dropped I was dropping at a rate of being an artist, I wasn’t thinking about actually pushing my shit to get enough people to see it to turn that into fans and turning that into making it easier to drop more music. I was able to really look at the platforms of what people are messing with and what I should put more emphasis into, “Out of Feelings” kept hitting the head after I dropped it and just the energy of it all carried through and gave me space to be able to plot on what I’m going to do next”

This Summer Byrus will also be making his acting debut in the Omari Hardwick starring film “Fels High”. While he says his role is small, Byrus expressed that this is just the first step for him in the movie business.

“Ya my role is just the dickhead cousin, it's a very intricate starter roll, it's really cool, I kinda I show face, remember a couple of lines and get out, it’s a dope film. Like you said Omari Hardwick is in it so you know it has to have a good plot. But I think it will definitely be something I feel will open more doors into doing acting and be a staple for me in life to show my kids one day”

Check out the full Interview with Byrus West Above and listen to Byrus on iHeartRadio below…

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