Kissie Lee On “Sheesh” With LightSkinKeisha, Misconceptions Of Songwriting

Coming off of her hit single “My love” In 2020 which sampled the legendary Kith Sweat, singer Kissie Lee has returned with her latest single “Sheesh” with some help from LightSkinKeisha. Stopping by On The Radar the singer/songwriter spoke a bit about the record, writing records for others, how she's helping combat sex trafficking + more!

When It comes to her new record Kissie really wanted to start off the year with a fun record and that is exactly what she did with LightSkinKeisha on “Sheesh”!

“its just a fun record and it sets the tone for how this year is gonna go and I feel like LightskinKesiha really did her thing on the verse and even in the video she is this big positive energy so I feel like this is a nice one to kick off the year with”

Being a songwriter Kissie is no stranger to writing records for other artists having credits writing for Sammie, Tiny Harris, The OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore + many more under her belt she expressed that the biggest misconception about songwriting is that people assume just because you don’t write your own songs your not a good artist.

The biggest misconception is you’re a terrible artist if you don’t write your own songs, I think that’s not a good way to look at it, because look at Whitney Houston didn’t write all those records and she’s not a terrible artist she got the message across, Beyonce has records that have been written for her like Neyo with “To The Left” record she’s not a terrible artist, I think people have to stop judging artists off of not writing their own song because sometime a hit is a hit baby and an artist is smart enough to be like im about to sing that and BOOM number 1”.

Check out the full interview above and listen to Kissie Lee’s new signle “Sheesh” below

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