Leek Bandz On “Life After Future” Album, Putting On For The Lower East Side

Little Italy himself Leeky Bandz joined us on On The Radar today after releasing his new project “Life After Future” featuring records with Gunna & NBA Youngboy. The Lower Eastside rapper who continues to rep his neighborhood spoke with us about the importance of showcasing where he comes from, of course, his new project, how he’s related to Ron Artest + more!

While his album has been in the works for some time now the young rapper expresses his excitement for it being finally out into the world and while he doesn’t know if the album which changes the future he sure hopes it does and that fans really get to sit with the project and enjoy it.

“We just wanted to show them the creative side and show them the better inner me so I just wanted to give them a better understanding of who I am an as an artist and who I am as a person and just let them be able to sit there and grow with us which is also why we titled the project “Life After Future” like we just wanted them to know that this body of work right here could change the future who knows but its definitely one of those projects that are bringing life to the culture”

While he always is repping the Lower East Side, Leeky explained that he feels that when conversations about the city come up his area is often looked over despite having some of the richest cultures in the city when it comes to fashion food, and music. But he also explained that one of his main goals in the industry is to put on for the LES and showcase the true talent that there is.

I want to showcase the lower eastside and just the hometown and the culture in it like we have the same environments that most of these states have and more, most of these towns and boroughs have and more. Especially when it comes to SOHO, they’ve birthed a lot of fashion, fashion designers, fashion warehouses and influencers, really we’re the home that no one knows about and my job is I want to make it more of a household name”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Leeky Bandz on iHeartRadio below..

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