Young Devyn On Soca Music Roots, Upcoming Project ,Rowdy Rebel Friendship

Young Devyn is currently one of the rising stars out of Brooklyn with her latest singles “Straight To It” and “Make It Hot” putting up some crazy numbers over the past couple of months. Stopping by On The Radar the rapper spoke about her upcoming project, her roots in Soca music, why she doesn’t curse in her music, her friendship with Rowdy Rebel + more!

When first listening to Devyn you may not realize it at first but all of the Brooklyn native's records are completely clean and curse-free. When asked about why she doesn’t curse in her records she expressed that she just doesn’t feel the need to and gets her point across just fine without cursing.

“The crazy thing is if I was listening to myself I wouldn’t pick up on the fact that I don’t curse and people tell me all the time that it's crazy that I don’t curse. I do it for multiple reasons, I want to be like a global superstar, and who knows I would never speak too early into my life and say I’m going to never do something and then do it. But I will say I don’t feel the need to like I think I get my point across pretty well without having to curse.

Photographed with Rowdy Rebel after Bobby Shmurda’s coming home party the young Brooklyn rapper told us that her and Rowdy’s friendship began when he was released from prison and actually reached out to her and expressed how much he likes her music. Telling us that they have talked about working together she didn’t reveal if a collab record was coming out but nonetheless is excited to get to work with Rowdy.

Rowdy reached out, he was showing love, we ended linking up, he showed me nothing but love treating me like a little sister off rip, we were just talking and chopping it up he's really excited about me and everything that’s going on with me”

Check out the full interview with Young Devyn above and listen to Young Devyn on iHeartradio below

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