Shotta Spence On Mike WiLL Made-It Eping His Album, “Young & Humble” Single

Ahead of the release of his debut album “S.H.O.T.T.A” which is expected to drop sometime in the next few months we got to chop it up with Jersey rapper Shotta Spence about Mike Will Made It executive producing the album, his new single “Young and Humble”, hitting the studio with Swae Lee + more!

Starting off the year with his new single “Young and Humble” Shotta’s main goal was to give something to his fans and the people that would hold them over until the release of his new album, while he said the song is great its also just a tiny taste of what he has in store for his upcoming project!

“I just decided to come through strong, me and mike been working for a long time and we ain't really drop a song together yet, it's really just a teaser just kept it simple, nothing crazy compared to the music I got coming, but it's definitely a banger just wanted to come through song and get some bars in there”

When it comes to Shotta’s relationship with Mike Will they have been working together since around 2014. After years of learning the ropes of the music industry and building up his fanbase, Shotta and Mike decided it was time to roll with it leading into his debut studio album which Mike will be executive producing.

“Fall 2014 I met Mike through my boy Max who shot a lot of Rae Sremmurd videos, through Max that’s when I met Mike will and that's how I meant them and that’s how we made the connections since 2014 Mike has been a mentor to me, he's really been guiding through the music industry and showing me which songs were really going to go. It's just divine timing for real.

Check out the full Interview with Shotta Spence above and listen to him on iHeartRadio below..

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