Talia Goddess On “Poster Girl” EP, New Single, Tommy Jeans Campaign + More!

Talia Goddess is one of Brooklyn’s rising singer, songwriters, model, DJ and so much more. The young star is currently gearing up for the release of her debut ep “Poster Girl” which is expected to arrive in April. Stopping by On The Radar today she spoke about her new single “Never Wanna Fall”, her upcoming EP, working with A$AP Ferg and starring in Tommy Jeans most recent campaign that is plastered all over the city.

Ever since the new year started Talia has been going full steam ahead with her content whether it be music, fashion, etc. Most recently before dropping her new single "Never Wanna Fall" she starred in Tommy Hilfiger’s brand new Jeans campaign which saw her creating a song for the campaign as well as getting to showcase her own neighborhood of Brooklyn in a way that most brands would not normally give their models the creative freedom to do.

“This campaign which I’m really grateful for was interesting because they gave me the creative liberty to make a song for them and showcase my own talent and ideas on how I want to represent the clothes. That was super liberating because a lot of brands don’t give you that creative freedom so I was able to work with the photographer of my choice and the locations of my choice, those photos were shot in Brownsville”

When it comes to the music side of things of course her new single is out now which was made after her first heartbreak with her first serious girlfriend. Going forward she expresses that her upcoming “Poster Girl” ep will be a capsule of her teenage years and she is looking forward to showcasing being a black queer woman in her music as she expresses that there needs to be more representation in that space which Talia plans to deliver.

“This entire project expands my entire high school teen angst experience. It's about love, being emotional, getting heartbroken, being politically charged just all this energy so that’s the general theme as I am entering adulthood I’m excited to see what my next project entails. The next single “I’ll be down” is a queer love story and im really excited because there are not a lot of black female artists who are queer and represented in their own visuals and I’m really excited for people to see the video”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Talia Goddess below..

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