Nicky Jam Talks Starring In Tom & Jerry, Sneaker Addiction, Being Single

Nicky Jam is fresh off of releasing his new single with Romeo Santos “Fan De Tus Fotos” and is currently gearing up for the release of “Tom & Jerry” in Theaters and on HBO Max where he plays cartoon cat “Butch” the leader of the alley carts who serve as antagonists In the movie. Stopping by the Angie Martinez show today he spoke about the movie, being newly single, his Netflix biopic, a new single with Romeo + more!

One of the best parts for Nicky when it comes to the new Tom & Jerry movie is that for his father this is the moment he feels like Nicky really made it. Despite being in countless other movies with the likes of Will Smith and Vin Diesel Nicky says that his father expressed the most excitement for this project!

"My dad called me the other day, like damn you made it, you in Tom and Jerry, none of those other guys you worked with are bigger than tom and jerry and I feel more connected to this project because my Dad loves Tom and Jerry and for some reason, he thinks this is it for me"

After it was announced recently that Nicky Jam is a single man, with his 40th Birthday coming up Nicky said that the streets have to know that he's back and isn't planning on settling down again until he's around 50 years old.

"I'm the same guy im just not gonna commit anymore, not for now maybe when I get a little bit over, and then when Im almost 50 ill sit down get me a wifey but for right now ima enjoy life”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Nicky Jam on iHeartRadio below...

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