Night Lovell On His Upcoming Album, “Counting Down The List” 2 Pack + More!

Today on On The Radar we spoke with Canadian rapper Night Lovell who is currently preparing to release his upcoming tape. Speaking with us the rapper touched on his 2019 “GOODNIGHT LOVELL” album and how his sound has evolved since, what his plans are for his upcoming project, friendship with the $uicideboy$ + much more!

Night Lovell recently dropped off his 2 pack “Counting Down The List” for his fans which served as his first release of 2021 including his last single of 2020 “Alone” which was dropped off in September. As he prepares for the new project the 2 pack was a way for Lovell to just let the fans know he is still there for them and is gearing up for his next era which is sure to be his biggest one yet!

“Alone came out in September and I haven’t dropped music since then so I dropped “Counting Down The List” to let people know I’m still here and like kinda help roll out this tape that’s coming out ASAP.

In regards to his new album in the past Lovell has worked with the likes of $uicideboy$, Gnar, and Wifisfuneral on his last outing. But this is a new year and a new era for the rapper which he says he will be going in alone. Lovell’s upcoming project will feature only him expressing that he wanted it this way plus the attention being all on him doesn’t hurt either!

“I’d like to say I’ve tried some new things regarding the beats and how I rap, but I’ve kept it very raw very Night Lovell-esk I wanted to make it really cool for new fans and old fans at the same time and that’s what I would like to say about the new album. I have a name but I don’t want to say it yet, Im about to unveil everything but I don’t want to say it yet. Not only is the project mostly me it is all me, I just wanted it to be all me, but I also wanted all the attention, a straight Night Lovell album."

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Night Lovell on IheartRadio below..

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