Unghetto Mathieu On “Plastic” Going Viral, New Single "Better Than Me"

Unghetto Mathieu took the internet by storm when he sampled Aqua's "Barbie Girl" record for his single "Plastic". The record which was released in the middle of last year has since gone on the become a mega-hit bosting over 1.5 MILLION videos made to the song on Tik Tok and amassing over 8 million views on the music video for the song on youtube. Stopping by On The Radar today Unghetto Mathieu spoke about the success of the song, his follow-up record "Better Than Me", seeing the likes of David Dobrick dance to his record + more!

When he dropped “Plastic” Mathieu didn’t know what would happen with the song but expressed to us that the world takes time to pick up on things and before he knew it his song was climbing the tik tok charts before his very eyes.

“We was pushing it and stuff but we got to this point because the world picks up on stuff when they want to, it takes time to break a record sometimes and it happens naturally it was God’s timing that’s how I like to look at it.”

Obviously following up a mega-hit can be stressful for any artists but for Mathieu, he says that he wasn’t tripping over the pressure because he had a ton of amazing records in the stash teasing much more for 2021 and even sharing a bit of his skydiving for the video of “Better Than Me”, where he actually passed out.

“I did feel the pressure but I wasn’t tripping, I know I got a lot of good songs, great songs. It was my first and last time skydiving for the video of the song, I fainted the first time I’m done. When he pulled the parachute, it yeeted me back and gave me time to think it's not an adrenalin rush your falling slowly looking at the earth below you”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Unghetto Mathieu on iHeartRadio below..

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