Ciggy Blacc On Changing His Name, 26AR Friendship, “Dishonest” Single

Ciggy Black Interview: Why He Changed His Name, 26AR Friendship, “Dishonest” Single, Who Started Drill + More!

One of the youngest rising stars in the drill game right now Ciggy Blacc is well on his way to have a huge 2021. With new singles such as “Dishonest & “Lack” the rapper has begun to expand his sound in a way that you’ll definitely be in tune with this year. Stopping by On The Radar today he spoke a bit about his new music, why he had to change the last letter in his name, his friendship with 26ar + more!

Ciggy Blacc and 26ar are some of the most notable up and comers in the drill scene right now. The two who have known each other for some time didn’t really get to connect till later on in life due to various legal troubles. Sharing with us that they had known each other Ciggy expresses that now they are both in a place to tap in and grow together.

“His little brother I knew him since we were kids, so I knew him there and that’s how we connected through his brother, then he got booked and I didn’t get to tap in when we were young, but when we came home we locked in”

When it comes to his sound Ciggy has embraced the dark and gritty sound that NYC drill has become known for. However, he has begun to take his music in new directions with his latest single “Dishonest” and plans to continue to diversify his sound to reach more people.

“So like Im loving the team that im working with now, we’re working together now, so dishonest was like a vote thing, how were dropping and trying something new, were dropping regular drill and then also dropping melodic drill”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Ciggy’s new single “Dishonest” below…

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