J Dhane On New Single “Quarantine”, Upcoming “Listening Sessions” Project

Today on On The Radar we got to speak with rising Brooklyn singer J Dhane about his recent rebrand, new single “Quarantine” Feat Rodney Racks, upcoming project + more!

Having released already 4 singles in 2021 J Dhane has begun the new period of his career with a rebrand. Formally going by JB the singer has teamed up with the likes of O Bang, and Rodney Racks for his new records. The change for him came due to wanting to

“I’m revamping myself I was JB not too long ago, and I changed my name, I got a new way of recording and changed my whole sound, im revamping everything so it's all fresh.”

As for his new project Listening Sessions, Dhane expressed that it has been delayed but will reach the people sometime this year.

“Some of the singles I put out are on the project and some aren’t. Quarantine wasn’t originally going to be on the tape, we did it on our own and my management was rocking with it so we pushed it fully. Anything could happen we don’t have a second date but we’re working with the people and whatever they want we’re going to give it to them”

Watch the full interview above and listen to JDhane below...

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