Hylan Starr On Winning Usher’s #ClimaxChallenge, Upcoming Album + More!

Wolf Pack singer Hylan Starr pulled up to On The Radar today to talk about how incredible it was for him with Usher naming him the winner of the #CLIMAXChallenge, how Adrian Broner had a hand in him getting signed, his upcoming album, and new single “Rounds” + more!

For many young R&B stars Usher is, of course, the blueprint for success and when he was running his Climax challenge not long ago Hylan Starr had the pleasure of being considered one of the winners of the challenge. Expressing to us how monumental this moment was for him he said it was a sign from God he was on the right path.

“That definitely made me realize that I got it, I always knew that I had it but Usher listening to my voice and telling me its dope it's like wow, it was shocking to me, when I went on his story and heard him listening to it I was like wow that’s my voice. Those type of signs are signs from God that you're going in the right direction”

With two new singles under his belt with “Fool” & “Rounds” Hylan has already put himself on a path to win in 2021. With his record “Fool” he really wanted to make a record for the ladies who may be going through things such as domestic violence also explaining how his mother who has since passed away influenced the record.

“Honestly man I wanted to make a real record with real substance, when I made Fool, I know there are women going through crazy stuff like domestic violence. I seen my momma get abused, RIP to my mom, I seen her get abused and talked to crazy, I just really wanted to make a record for the ladies with that one”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Hylan Starr on iHeartRadio below….

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