DKE Author On "Fake Love" Single, Almost Becoming A Marriage Counselor

One of the fastest rising stars out of Florida DKE Author has already kicked off 2021 with his new single “Fake Love” featuring Yungeen Ace. As the first follow-up to his 2020 tape “Respect The Dark” DKE Author is already gearing up for his new tape. Stopping by On The Radar the rapper spoke about linking with Yungeen Ace, almost becoming a marriage counselor, having one of the first virtual concerts during the quarantine + more!

While being from Florida DKE Author has yet to collab with another Florida rapper until he released “Fake Love” alongside Yungeen Ace. The record for the rapper represents all the fake love that people were receiving in 2020 and how they planned to leave it all and change in 2021.

"I felt like a lot of people ended the year off 2020 talking about what they not going to put up with going into 2021 so I knew I ain't got the time for Fake love and a million other people ain't got the time for it either."

At one point in his life before he started taking the music seriously DKE was in school and was planning on becoming a marriage counselor. While laughing looking back on it the rapper chocked it up to being noisy and also engaged with us in some role-playing marriage counseling situations.

“I don’t know, I probably was just noisy, because when I told my momma, they were looking at me like you don’t even like school, I had always finessed my way through school."

Something that the “Fake Love” rapper has been very humble about was the fight he was one of the first artists during the pandemic to take on a quarantine concert. Releasing his “Respect The Dark” only days into the lockdown he quickly came up with the virtual concert idea before everyone else caught on and make it into a movie!

“I don’t even say nothing about it I was kinda mad at first because my tape dropped the week before that and I was supposed to start doing shows and stuff like that and was trying to figure out how I would market it. My team and I came up with a quarantine concert, we got a little studio and hooked up everything”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to DKE Author on iHeartRadio below…

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