Yung Pooda On “Chicken N Grits” Dream Doll Collab, “Vivid Pictures" Album

Preparing for the release of his upcoming project we had Yung Pooda stop by On The Radar to talk about his new collab with Dream Dolla “Chicken N Grits”, the upcoming “Vivid Pictures” project, advice from Houston legend Paul Wall + more!

Releasing his new single with Dream Doll back in November Yung Pooda expressed to us how the record came about due to the fact that he really wanted a female rapper to jump on the song to bring a different type of energy, which definitely worked out in his favor as the video has earned well over 700K views on Youtube alone.

“The feature came about, we were in the studio the song was one long verse at first, so we were already talking about getting a female artist on the song. After he chopped it down and went in there he was like well s—t this sound like a record dream doll can get on, it just went so perfect, the way her voice sounded on it and how she came out it was perfect”

As for his new project “Vivid Pictures,” the Houston rapper is really trying to give his fans a body of work that will transcend time. Part of his goal is to create something that you can come back to no matter what emotion you’re feeling.

“I wanted to have a body of art, a real piece of art, like the Mona Lisa that you can always go back to, something you can admire, something you can connect to, something you can go back to when you sad happy, whatever emotion you feeling I got a song that can connect with any emotion. When you hear it your going to envision my story connected with your story.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Yung Pooda on iHeartRadio below…

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