Aaron Knight On New Single, NYC Drill, “Swim Remix” With One Of The Migos

Kicking off 2021 with his new drill record “Im just tryna stay alive” we got to chop it up with Queens rapper Aaron Knight about the record, how he went to the UK to get a real feel for the drill sound, his upcoming remix to “Swim” with one of the Migos + more!

Speaking a bit about the drill movement in New York, Aaron has always been an early adapter to upcoming sounds in the city. At one point he was at a time in his life when he was about to quit doing music until he linked up with a UK based producer and started to gain a liking to the drill sound which eventually lead to him going oversees learning about the song touching the people and bringing it back to NY.

“One of my producers was a drill producer and I didn’t even want to make music anymore, I started sending him beats linked up with him in the uk and I got that spark back. Only Pop was the one making drill at the time in New York and I was telling my boys that this sound was going to pop and it did. The drill that everyone is doing right now is London drill, those are UK beats that everyone is rapping over, when I started making drill I went to London and worked with them, im tapped in out there, the drill really came from grime and grew into what it is now.”

When it comes to new music in 2021 Aaron has a ton on the way including a remix to his “2020” single “Swim” with one of the Migos. While he didn’t tell us which one he assured us it was going to be a big record going into the Summer this year.

“Swim remix dropping, im going to give you a hint, it's one of the Migos on it, you can pick which one is on it. It happened from just being a good person and being good to people, the guy who connected us used to do pr for me and that’s still my man he sent the record to them, he liked the song and he got on it. Im leading up for that record that way the impact is bigger when it drops”

Check out the full interview above and check out Aaron Knight’s Freestyle below…..

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