Marcellus Juvann On “HARDHEADED” Single Partnership With Island Records

Houston Texas artist Marcellus Juvann is fresh off the release of his new single “HARDHEADED” which serves as his first new record since early 2020. The song which marks the starting point for the rapper's new era comes after what he describes as a year of learning in 2020 and getting his vision right.

The video for the single itself is literally a movie and explaining to us his vision for it Marcellus expressed that when he was younger he would always be called hardheaded and the song itself explains where being hardheaded almost took him in negative situations.

“What the record really means to me outside of the video is, Hardheaded was something I was always called as a kid, I was so stubborn I just wanted to do what I wanted to do I felt I already knew the answers to stuff. This song was just kind of depicting that, me spilling out all my own thoughts, actions and stories, the first verse is a story of me being hardheaded and where it almost got me, I almost got shot”

The rapper has also partnered with Island records which he describes as a perfect match due to them allowing him to do his thing and be the artist he wants to be while also building himself up to becoming one of their legacy artists.

“It was just the people at Island, I had met with a ton of people all respect to them and when I met with the people at Island it was an instant connection vision wise musically and people over there their building generational artists, I want to be part of that list and be remembered. They believe in me and what I’m doing.”

As for what you can expect from Marcellus in 2021, lots of new music. While only dropping one record in 2020 he promises that this year he will be making an impact with his music and fans will not be disappointed!

“More music definitely a project and hopefully even more music after that, Im just trying to stay inspired and keep the vision growing. Last year taught me a lot it taught me patience, it taught me to really hone into what I was trying to say and where Im trying to get to”

Check out Marcellus Juvann’s video for “HARDHEADED” below and check out the full interview above!

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