London Hill On Sosa Geek Collab, Documentary, Sampling Ashanti + More!

Bronx rapper London Hill began making waves last year when her single “Box” caught the eye of Cardi B who showed her a lot of love for the record. Since then London has been steadily prepping her records, videos + more content so she can finally flood the streets with content emerging as one of New York’s rising artists in 2021.

With the likes of “Pressure” with Sosa Geek and upcoming records with Philly rappers, Yxng K.A & LGP QUA London is not only expanding her sounds but aligning herself with some of the hottest upcoming talents out of Philly and New York. With the plans to drop every other week London explained how she shot 10 videos in December and is planning to be in everyone’s faces all year long.

“I dropped the Whoopty freestyle to show people I’m coming, I wanted to be prepared, I did like 10/11 videos in a month, I’m bout to flood the streets, it’s my moment I have to take it and go like I had to like if I didn’t do it now, I had to. I just want to take myself seriously, I think I make good music, let me put this out into the universe.”

Linking with the Philly rappers London expressed that there are a ton of similarities between New York & Philly artists that we don’t even realize citing the aggressive and hungriness of artists out of both cities, The aggressiveness, we’re very aggressive we know what we want, we don’t stop. Between Philly and New York we don’t stop”.

One of the records London has in the stash for 2021 is none other than a sample of Ashanti’s “Baby” record. Now while the sample hasn’t been cleared just yet, London is confident that once it crosses Ashanti’s desk she’ll cosign it immediately.

“I sampled baby by Ashanti, it getting cleared, when she hears it she’s gonna say she bodied that, that’s one thing when you sample something you really gotta take it and make it into your own and make it into something but I definitely bodied it. I usually don’t normally do samples. I think she's gonna like it, she's gonna like I’m a female from New York, if I know I didn’t body It I would have kept it in the stash."

Check out the full interview above and listen to London Hill on iHeartRadio below….

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