SNF. JT On Carrying On The Murder Inc Legacy, “On Me” Feat Rikki + More!

SNF.JT is the latest artist to be signed to the legendary Murder Inc Records. As he prepares for his debut project he pulled up to On The Radar to chop it up about the album as well as getting signed, advice Irv Gotti gave him + more!

It hasn’t even been a year since he was signed to Murder Inc and JT has already made a tone of move consistently releasing music throughout last year. Sharing with us the story of how Irv Gotti first reached out to him about his music, he explained it all started with a DM.

“One-day last year my friend I went to high school with, she had texted me about a producer hitting me up on IG and it was legit. Then I went to my Instagram, and it was Irv Gotti telling me to hit him up he wanted to talk to me. I dm’d him before I could send him my # he called me, we chopped it up and I went to the crib and recorded 5-6 songs, and then as im sending him the songs he asking how I’m doing this and I guess off of that he flew out and we put the album together and I got signed”

His music video for the collab with labelmate Rikki has since gone viral amassing over 1.2 Million views on youtube. However, telling the story behind the song he revealed the record was almost a solo situation before he and the team figured they needed a female voice on the song to have a more mainstream appeal.

“It starting to move, that song was one of the 5 songs I recorded at Gotti’s crib that night, I recorded it in like 20 minutes. We always felt like it needed something and we knew we needed a female on it to make it more radio-friendly. Before that, before we put Rikki on it it was still a radio vibe but it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now, soon as we added her on it that was all we needed”

Check out the full interview above and listen to On The Radar on iHeartRadio below…

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