Charm La’Donna On “Westside” Single, VMA Win, Signing To Epic Records

Choreographer, artist and so much more Charm La’Donna stopped by On The Radar today to talk about signing with Epic Records, her new single “Westside”, winning a VMA with Rosalia, choreographing Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn Tour” + more!

Charm has been apart of some of the biggest cultural moments of the best couple of years. Choreographing the dances for Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn Tour” & Grammy performance as well as Rosalia & J Balvin’s mega-hit “Con Altura”. Sharing with us a bit of what it's like to be apart of such big moments she is still wrapping her head around everything she's done and the most surreal moment for her yet has been winning a VMA for “Best Choreography” back in 2019.

“To be honest I was doing Choreography before I even knew I was even doing choreography., I loved to make up steps as a kid and it just kinda transitioned to that when I was 17 years old. Even now when you're talking about all the stuff I’ve done it's crazy, now people are just starting to say you’ve done this and this, hearing it I’m wow that’s really crazy.”

Dance like music is a form of art that transcends languages. Working with the likes of huge stars like Rosalia you may think the language barrier would be a lot to work through but Charm explained to us that she's been able to work past that.

“That situation is so funny, I’m not fluent in Spanish but it has gotten extremely well it's up there outside of me getting nervous when people start talking to me, but before that, we would just be in the room and put on the music off of what we feel. She would joke about it because I would choreograph based on the words and feelings and boom we got something like Con Altura. Winning an award for that I was shocked."

Her new single “Westside” which serves as her second single under Epic Records marks the beginning of a journey for the artist. Showing off her Compton and LA routes Charm La’Donna is setting the stage of what’s to come under her new partnership with the label and it is definitely going to be EPIC!

“I wanted to embody again, like my first record to show my routes, Westside L.A Compton is where I’m from and what propelled me to become who am I now, with my first real video it was really important for me to show that, and then I can take you on my journey.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Charm La’Donna on iHeartRadio below…

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