Da Kuttah On “Mental Flight”, “Abandoned” Projects, Rod Wave Comparisons

One of Tampa Florida’s newest stars Da Kuttah pulled up to On The Radar via zoom to chop it up about his new project “Mental Flight”, comparisons to Rod Wave + more! Going through so much in his life Da Kuttah has put all his pain into music in a genre he created called “Street Soul”. With his “Mental Flight” project Kuttah is leaving his past behind him to focus on what the future can be.

“I was just referring to my past, like through all the depression I had to take a mental flight to get away from what life looked like right now to get to where life is going to be in the future. There are many ways to talk about it but I’m putting it behind me, after this next EP you gone see what I’m talking about.”

When it comes to the Florida rap scene, Kuttah is often compared to the likes of Rod Wave. When asked about these comparisons he made it clear that they only motivate him to go harder and pass those people are comparing him to.

“When they compare me to them I just know one-day Im going to be just as great if not better than them. At the end of my day that my work ethic is going to get me there and my music is going to push me there”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Da Kuttah on iHeartRadio below…

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