Symba On E-40, Too $hort Cosign, “Don’t Run From R.A.P” Album + More!

Named as one of Complex Magazine’s artists to watch in 2021 Symba pulled up to On the Radar today to chop it up album his new album “Don’t Run From R.A.P”, being cosigned by bay area legends Too $hort & E-40, 2 Chainz advice to him + more!

Being from the Bay Area Symba received the ultimate cosign last month when Too $hort and E-40 reached out to him to appear on their collaborative album that dropped following their Verzuz TV battle. Expressing how he felt in this moment Symba explained it was the validation that he’s meant to be here.

“I always say once you start getting big features with your idols it's kind of like when an NBA player gets drafted, it's that moment of validations like I belong. So with that situation 40 reached out, saying he saw what he was doing and messing with what I was doing”

One of the standout joint’s on Symba’s “Don’t Run From R.A.P”, album was “Big Homie” along with 2 Chainz. The actual story of how the record came together was another full circle moment almost 2 years in the making after meeting Chainz and getting to pick his brain back in 2019 at BET weekend.

“Me and Chainz meant at BET weekend In 2019. We had gotten to know each other and got to ask questions about what’s his process and making a project, which I started applying to mine. One was recording without a certain destination in mind and just record. When I first heard the “Big Homie” beat I thought that it sounded like Big Amounts with 2 Chainz and Drake. I had it sent over to Chainz, he hit back and sent the verse over and it was just a moment of clarity for me”

Right before the Interview started Complex had dropped their artists to watch list in 2021 which had Symba on it. In his response to being on the list he remembers looking at the lists every year with his brother who passed away but knows he’d be proud of this moment.

“It feels great my brother who unfortunately passed we used to watch those list every year saying we were going to get on there. It’s definitely a blessing its tough when you a new artists and trying to get acknowledged so shout out to complex.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Symba on iHeartRadio below..

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