Elijah The Boy On “Make A Name”, Rebranding Himself, Latinos In Hip Hop

Almost 2 years after our last conversation with him Elijah The Boy has returned to On The Radar after dropping his recent singles “Send Em Up” and “Make a Name”. We spoke with the New York rapper about those singles as well as how he has rebranded himself since the last time we spoke, being a Latino in Hip-Hop + much more!

Before ending 2020 Elijah The Boy dropped his first drill record “Send Em Up” which signaled a chain from some of the love song music he was known for. For Elijah, this is the beginning of a new era of his career explaining to us that he wanted to branch out past what he used to do and really express the pain he has felt through his music and take a more mature route.

“At the time I felt like I was doing so many love records because I had so many female fans and I got them, so now its time to show them that I’m really from this, this is where I grew up, I really come from a pain environment and when I bring that side up now I got the streets and fellas rocking with me and once you have all that you're unstoppable.”

A big part of his new music is Elijah growing up. Sharing with us that there was a time when he realized that it was time to grow up as a person and musically. For him, this was the best choice because it allowed him to reflect on his music and more importantly himself which has lead him to this point as an artist who’s ready for that next step and to take over.

“You know there are certain things you pout work into you don’t know if the fans and people will appreciate it. I definitely went through this phase where I was like its time to grow up a bit, I cut my hair, I lost weight and I just felt it was time for a rebranding. I’ve never felt more like Elijah The Boy in my life. You know how you have those moments when you look back and you feel like you were the s--- and you were ready. Now I can look back at me 2 years ago and see where I was lacking, what I had to fix. Me now I never felt more ready for this. Everything I put out now I want to be aesthetically pleasing and to fit me."

As of right now the video for his new single “Make A Name” is well over 200K views on YouTube, which is a first for him. When asked about it he said that 2021 is just a different energy and you can expect more of this vibe when it comes to his music.

“200K In a day! It’s different energy this year last year and this year is just a different type of energy and people are loving it”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Elijah The Boy on IHeartRadio below...

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