Jo-Bread On “Spooky Hrs” EP, New Wave Of Bronx Rap, Solo Endeavors + More!

Bronx rapper Jo-Bread has been quiet since 2019, after dealing with his own legal issues the Fordham rapper is back and better than ever in 2021 releasing his collaborative EP with Heez Karter “Spooky Hrs”. Stopping by On The Radar the rapper spoke about the project, how he feels about the new wave of rappers out of the Bronx, and his future endeavors as a solo artist.

Only dropping one single in 2019 “Dirty” the rapper has had quite some time since dropping some music and now he’s just grateful to be back and is ready to drop new music.

“It feels great man, last little run we did we were on the radio with a dream about it, since then I had little legal trouble but that was a setback but we back now and it feels great, just to get all the love back and the feelings back is words cant describe it”

The collab tape between him and fellow rapper Heez Karter's “Spooky HRS” which drops tonight has been in the works for well over 6 years. Nat a time where both of them are in a good place it only felt right to drop the tape Jo told us.

“Me and Heez been friends forever, we both make music, about 6 years ago we had a plan to put out this EP. During all that Heez got locked up and did 5 years, I got caught up with my legal stuff. But now we free doing what we gotta do and it’s time now. These are all brand new songs and the reason the title of the project is missing the O & U in hours is that we owe you for all the time we were away”

Check out the Interview with Jo Bred above!

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