MoneyMarr On “Millionaire Mindset”, Rah Swish Collab, Signing To Empire

At just 18 years old Moneymarr has already certified himself as one of the hottest new artists to come out of the DMV. Stopping by On The Radar we spoke with the young rapper about his recent tape “Millionaire Mindset”, collabing with Brooklyn’s own Rah Swish, signing to Empire, If he thinks he’s underrated + much more!

When it came to his tape “Millionaire Mindset” Moneymarr wanted everyone to take something away from the project whether it became motivational music for you to listen to while hustling or learning how to create generational wealth. Much of the tape came from his personal experiences well coming up so fast in the game at such a young age.

“it's definitely a talk of the streets I ain’t going to say the voice but it's definitely the voice of my side of the street. It's for those who grinding, even if you not in the streets you working 24/7 you going to go get it, having that millionaire mindset you know what I’m saying, have that mindset you're going to be a millionaire or six-figure or higher person, you going to do what you gotta do to live and be stable. It’s motivational music."

On the tape, Marr only had one feature from none other than his label mate New York rapper Rah Swish. The collab which came at an interesting point in the project saw Marr leaning into his drill bag and roots from his time spent living in Harlem.

“Rah Swish is a good artist, we met through my manager, soon as I linked with him we clicked, I already had the New York vibes. New York and DC connect when it comes to me I don’t know about everybody else but it does for me, I used to live in New York in Harlem, that’s actually where I first started getting into music.”

When it comes to the DC rap scene right now there is an abundance of young talent putting on such as Xanman and Yung Manny. As for Moneymarr there have been frequent comments on his video saying he is the most underrated artist in the DMV. When we asked him if he felt this way this is what he had to say:

“Nah there are underrated artists in DC, I ain’t going to get them messed up and take they place or anything like that. I don’t think I’m the most underrated in DC, I think I’m the hottest and best artist in DC for some time now like since I broke out and been making my music I don’t think I took a low stoop into losing my spot. I don’t think I’m underrated I think I’m at the top of my spot in the city and I just want to take it further”

Check out the full interview above and listen to MoneyMarr on iHeartRadio below…

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