Mikey Polo On “Emo World” Album, Trippie Redd Collab, Famous Dex Check In

Back in June, we spoke with 1400 Gang signee Mikey Polo about his then-upcoming new album “Emo World” which was originally supposed to drop in July. Since then the album had been delayed but finally was released today. Stopping by On The Radar the artist spoke about the project, how Trippie Redd helped, starting his own label, checking in on Famous Dex + more!

“It’s been three years since I released anything, I Know last time we talked I was supposed to release in July around my Birthday. But it was a lot of clearances and things I had to learn about. I had to really focus on making the brand bigger before I dropped the tape because back then I didn’t have all the eyes on me that I do now.”

Part of the reason that the project didn’t come out on time was that Mikey was learning about clearances and all the ins & outs of the music industry. Luckily, Trippie Redd was there to help his friend through dealing with all the details and also joined him on two records on the project.

“I mean it's been easy, at the beginning I had to understand the business like you had to realize that even though your bros when you're locked into certain contracts you have to make sure business is done a certain way. That’s what Trippie helped me with; I didn’t understand that even though I had a song with him I couldn’t put it out right away because of the labels and clearances. But now I got to the point where labels trust me and the distribution label I’m with trusts me fully so now any song I do with Trippie gets cleared automatically so it's way better and it helps me out”

About a month ago rapper Famous Dex checked himself into rehab and appearing on Mikey’s project we had to ask how he is doing currently. Sharing with us he spoke to Dex when he first checked in Mikey expressed that he is doing well and just needed to get that help he needed and surround himself with people who cared about him!

“The day he went through everything I checked in on him, that was the last time we talked, but he was good, he’s getting the help that he needs, people go through a lot, he needed people around him that didn’t just care about him being famous dex, they cared about him being good.”

Check out the full Interview with Mikey Polo above and listen to his new album on iHeart Radio below..

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