Pressure Dommer On Breakfast Bars Series, “Big Poppa” Single, Rolling Loud

After releasing his single “True Colors” at the end of 2020 Orlando, Florida rapper Pressure Dommer is gearing up to make waves in the Florida rap scene with his upcoming project and new single “Big Poppa”.

While COVID has been tough on live performances for all artists, Pressure was able to get a taste of performing again thanks to Rolling Loud’s Christmas Live stream where he hopped on the set with DJ Five Venoms! Sharing a bit of his experience of his first and extremely different rolling loud he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and can’t wait to touch the stage again.

“My first Rolling Loud and it was crazy, I met a whole bunch of artists who I listen to and I got to talk to them. Some people that I knew I didn’t know they were plugged in like that and I saw them at Rolling Loud. So it kinda brought everything into perspective for me for everyone I’ve met in the music industry."

As for what’s next thanks to the huge success of his Breakfast Bars series Pressure is gearing up to drop more music where he’ll be spitting and the first of that is his new single “Big Poppa” which will soon be followed up by an album later this year.

“Big Poppa is me giving more of me giving the people that spittin side. They wanna hear me spitting so I gotta give the people what they want. We currently are working on an album which is set to drop sometime around July.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Pressure Dommer on iHeartRadio below..!

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