Jose Bodega On MR. Bodega Project, Rapping For A Year, Yella Beezy Collab

After releasing his debut project Mr. Bodega at the end of 2020 with got to catch up with Dallas, Texas rapper Jose Bodega about the project, linking with Yella Beezy, the amazing meaning behind his name that has a bit to do with New York + more!

Recently signing to PMG Jose Bodega while having a background in freestyle rapping just really started taking recording music and rapping seriously last year right before he got his breakout record “Tool On Ya” on Yella Beezy & Trapboy Freddy’s collab tape “I’m My Brother’s Keeper” last year.

“I had started rapping probably around March of last year, and right before Yella Beezy and Trapboy Freddy tape was finished, Yella was like if you're trying to get on the tape you better get a song and it was crazy because I had just went to the studio the night before, it had an open verse and he said it was a smash, he put his verse down and we just went from there”

While he just freshly dripped his “Mr. Bodega” project the PMG rapper is already setting his sites on his next endeavor with his upcoming tape “Defamation of Character” which is currently set to drop sometime in March of this year.

“Me and Monster going in on my next project Defamation of Character which is set to drop in March. Defamation of Character is going to be one of those joints that basically show the world that don’t judge people off what you see on the social media, so im basically just giving them a little bit of me and a different little vibe."

As for his name, Jose wanted people to know that they can get whatever they need from him all day all year long whether that be music, merch etc and there was no better way to express that than by adding the “Bodega” part to his moniker.

“Up north you can get anything you need from a bodega, 24/7 356 days a year. That’s basically what I wanted to call myself Jose Bodega, Jose whatever you need three hundred and sixty five days a year whatever you need."

Check out the full interview above and listen to Jose Bodega on iHeartRadio below..

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