Molly Brazy On “Pink Molly” Album, Having A Baby During The Pandemic + More

Molly Brazy is one of the most promising artists to come out of the city of Detroit over the past couple of years. Gearing up for 2021 with the upcoming release of her new album “Pink Molly” she sat down with On The Radar to talk about the album, having a baby during the current global pandemic, + much more!

During the pandemic, Molly also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who was with her during the interview. When asked about what the experience has been like giving birth during these times she expressed that it has been a smooth rode as she was used to being a homebody so if anything the pandemic has given her more time to focus on being a mother, “I feel like its no different, this is how I am, I am always in the house or studio I’m not really out like that.”

Starting off the rollout for her new album Molly dropped her 2020 single “Boss Up” featuring Mozzy. The project which serves as a follow-up to her 2019 outing “Built To Last” is something that Molly is extremely excited for and is planning to show her fans a new side of herself.

“This album is definitely going to be something different from what I used to be doing, It's going to be more positive and I named it Pink Molly like the drug so you know where I’m coming from it’s going to be addictive. I want people to listen to this every day in the day to their job on the way to make some money, to be positive and productive at the end of the day, and to get a check instead of worrying about what’s going on social media. I want people to be able to get away, focus on themselves, their own bag and upgrading everything in life”

Check out the lead single off Molly’s new album below and watch the full interview above!

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