Melvoni On Signing To Epic Records, “Who TF Is Melvoni” EP, Upcoming Tape

Rising New York star Melvoni made waves in 2020 when he dropped his “Who TF is Melvoni” EP which was a collection of singles he had already dropped along with some new joints for his fans. Dropping a slew of recent singles since signing with Epic Records, Melvoni is already on track to become one of the breakout stars in the city in 2021.

“The name I was just looking for something, like when the blogs post me, people be in the comments they either know me or don’t. They either be like he’s fire like who is he. I flipped that into “Who TF is Melvoni”. That was my first project/mini-EP released”

When it comes to being a newer artist in the game there's always the hurdle of dealing with the blogs and haters out there who may try to bring you down. When it comes to Melvoni though he isn’t stressing about any of that because in the long run he firmly believes the same people in the comments section will be his fans in no time.

“I would see a couple of them but I don’t really pay attention to them because in the future they’re going to become my fans, hopefully. I feel like everybody starts off hating a little bit and once that one song gets you and you become a fan”

Recently the Brooklyn native was picked up by epic records home to the likes of Travis Scott. When sharing a bit about why he chose to sign with them he stated that the team there just felt right and that they didn’t really have anyone like him on their roster so it became a perfect fit.

“At Epic I just really liked the team there, they don’t have any artists in my lane that are young singing melodic artists.”

Check out the Full Interview above and listen to Melvoni on iHeartRadio below..

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