Dontae On “H8 The Game” EP, United Masters Partnership, Being Independent

Emerging New York rapper Dontae recently dropped his new EP “H8 The Game” and is currently gearing up for 2021. Stopping by On The Radar this week we spoke to the rapper about his partnership with United Masters, the ups and downs of being an independent artist, his new EP + more!

Doing a lot of his own marketing and promotion and of course content creation for his music as an independent artist Donate definitely had his work cut out for him on multiple occasions. Sharing a bit of how as an independent artist he learned to wear many hats when it came to his music and marketing, he expressed that he took everything step by step but what was most important was that his product aka his music was solid first.

“I had to learn my own marketing, through the process of learning how to rap, I was still in school while learning all that I applied everything I learned from school. Honestly how I started dismantling everything and the best source of marketing is making sure the product is good first, so I was like aight my music gotta hit first, then I had to find some fire cover art, then I had to find a videographer that matches my energy. Make sure everything streamlined perfectly, its tough being a local dude in a sense because everyone is a rapper. My way of trying to get over that just completely found new ways to apply myself.”

Recently Dontae has teamed up with United Masters who are praised for their work with many independent artists. Sharing that they helped his process go way smoother and made him feel a lot better about releasing music.

“From the beginning, someone reached out to me saying they mess with my stuff, Im just a regular dude trying to figure this out. They definitely made it more seamless for me, made it easier, like I was going to do other things, but they really hold it down, they show love and they really put you in position as an artist to make you feel comfortable with everything”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Dontae below..

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