Marty Mard On New Album “Luxury”, Scott Storch Producing, NOLA Hip Hop

After releasing his new project “Luxury” on Christmas day we spoke with New Orleans rapper Marty Mard about the project, linking with Scott Storch for the production, the New Orleans rap scene + more!

Almost two years after his “Creole Crook” album Marty Mard has returned for another hard-hitting project full of melodic bangers with some assistance from Scott Storch on the production side of the project. Dropping the project on Christmas the rapper expressed that he feels that Christmas is of course a luxurious holiday and wanted to come in like Santa Claus gifting the people some good music.

“I felt like it would be a perfect day to give my gift to the streets, it’s a perfect day, let everyone see what I've been cooking up and working on, came in the saint Nick way."

As for linking with Scott Storch on the production side Marty expressed that the friendship blossomed over talk about their watches. With production credits on “Bottega, “So Do I”, & “Flashin”, Marty revealed it almost didn’t happen but after a chance run-in at their local chicken spot they went right to cooking that night in the studio.

As for visuals, Marty Mard is promising a lot of “luxurious” videos to come for “Luxury”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Marty Mard on iHeartRadio below..

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