Armani White On “Grateful”, Upcoming Project, Criminal Justice Reform

While we all agree 2020 has been an insane year, no one has had a crazier 2020 than Philly Rapper Armani White. The rapper who recently released his new single “Grateful”, has overcome much this year including being arrested along with his brother for an accidental house fire. While dealing with all of this as well as legal battles White put his pain into music which leads to his other 2020 singles “Letter From Jail & “Danny Mac”.

“Letter From Jail” which Armani describes as a message rather than a song stems from his brother being locked up for a few months after the accidental house fire. While Armani was able to be released not long after his brother got stuck in the system which has lead Armani to speak out about criminal justice reform and why we need change.

“We made the record and in the process of it my brother was still in jail and me and he was just arguing back to back because it was just hard for him to grasp the concept that there was nothing we can do. As much as we knew he shouldn’t have been in there it was hard for us to be like we know you shouldn’t be in there but we can’t get you out.”

His brother has since been released and with 2020 almost behind us, Armani dropped his latest single #Grateful as a way to look back at the year and still be appreciative for being able to wake up every day and have what he has.

“It's like here's all the bad things however I am still grateful, I am still grateful I have so many things I can wake up to every day. That alone is something to be grateful about, I had fans who checked on me when I made the announcements I did on Instagram they’re were people in real-time who checked on me, I’m grateful for these things”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Armani White on iHeartRadio below

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