$tupid Young On New Album “From Here on Out”, Snoop Dogg, Blueface Collabs

After releasing his new album “From Here On Out” today we got to chop it up with California rapper $tupid Young on On The Radar about the project, how rap saved his life, his new single featuring Blueface, being on Snoop Dogg’s last album + more!

Starting off rapping while he was in jail for a 9-month gun charge he found that he had a skill and passion for the craft. After joining a flow class while locked up he was able to hone his craft and even get let out early because he was making a career out of it. Since then he has gone on the work with the likes of West Coast legends Snoop Dogg & E-40 as well as other up comers from the West Coast.

With this new album, the rapper is still keeping in street and gritty as he always has but is also painting a picture of his life that has lead him to this moment.

I know there are a lot of rappers that when they get money their flow changes and their music changes and then they loose their core fans that they had when they were struggling, fans relate to the struggling stuff not that Rolls Royce, Bentley s---. I lost some interest in some big artists so I just wanted to keep it gutter, like im not there yet, the cover shows me getting arrested, my baby mama holding my son (its not really my son or baby mama), and then the homies on the side shooting dice which sums up my life

Check out the full interview above and listen to $tupid Young below…

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