Uno Hype On His Upcoming Debut Album “Sol Glo”, "Deywun" Singles + More!

Ahead of the release of his new debut solo album we got to speak with rising DMV rapper Uno Hype about the project along with his recent singles that address a variety of topics including self-love and systemic racism.

Releasing a couple of songs this year the DMV rapper has been prepping his biggest outing yet with his upcoming project. Sharing new records “Color Me” & “Deywun” which he says he made some time ago unintentionally became songs that perfectly fit with what was currently going on in the world upon release.

“Color Me” which visuals feel more like an actual movie dropped during the hight of the summer during the many protests going on around the country after the death of George Floyd. The visuals which show Uno dealing with police brutality paints a picture that has sadly been the reality for black American. Part of the reason why he wanted to drop this record was to address systemic racism in his own way and continue to raise awareness for what goes on in America.

“I made that song probably two years ago, the crazy part is and it's kinda sad that I made the song two years ago is we’re still dealing with the things because of systemic racism and when I made that it was like aight, they would rather watch us burn than save us and dealing with the little psychological effects and the tricks they play and the turmoil that we were living in and I just wanted to showcase that in a visual”

Deywun serves as a message for those who have been home during this pandemic who may be struggling to love themselves, rapping “Nobody gonna show you how to love yourself/This world don't love you like you think it does/There's always somethin', somethin', somethin'/But shawty, it's a new day no”, Uno Hype shared with us how he has worked to love himself more during a time where it is so easy to fall into bad habits and troubling thoughts.

“ During quarantine, they deal with a lot of self-love and mental issues, it comes out, your buy yourself a majority of the time and like that songs, I had made around 2 years ago and that was just people don’t know how to really love themselves or hold themselves accountable at the time so take some time out to yourself and re-learn how to or look into ways you can”

Uno Hypes debut solo album “Sol Glo” drops in January 2021

Check out the full interview above and listen to Uno Hype below.

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