King Kaiser On “More Riches” EP, Youtube Doc, Yungeen Ace Collab

Youtuber and Rapper King Kaiser recently dropped his new EP, “B4 I Get StartEd” which served as his official first entry into the music game. Stopping by On The Radar today the artist spoke about his upcoming EP “More Riches”, his documentary about his humble beginnings, Yungeen Ace helping mentor him in the music game + More!

While many YouTubers have entered the music space after already establishing themselves on the platform, many still are looked at as just YouTubers. When it comes to Kaiser branching out he wanted to do things differently and show people his potential on an EP before going full steam ahead with an album.

“With B4 I Get StartEd the title even says it all, before I get started, before I start to take this music stuff seriously I want people to hear my potential, I get cornered as a YouTuber often, so when I do the music they say oh you a YouTuber who tries to do music. By me saying before I get started im touching on things that’s not cap about me as a person”

The content creator has also spent quite a bit of time letting his fans into his personal life and with his new documentary “Time Will Tell” he was able to give them their best insight yet with his upbringing and how he became who he is now!

“I feel like with my documentary, basically it was just to show more of me who I am as a person, my relationship and everyone knows me from my relationship on youtube, going into that I had to show people who I am as a person and what I can do. People don’t know that I can dance, I make music, I can do all these types of things and if I can come out with all that who can stop me”

With his entrance into the rap game certified by collaborators such as Yungeen Ac, King Kaiser’s next outing with his “More Riches” EP is set to drop the top of 2021!

Check out the full interview above and listen to King Kaiser on iHeartRadio below..

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