26AR On Being Locked Up, Dropping A Tape, Brooklyn Drill Scene + More!

After releasing a ton of singles this year 26AR is certifying himself as one of the hottest newcomers in the Brooklyn Drill scene! Stopping by On The Radar the Crown Heights rappers spoke with us about his come-up, learning about the drill scene while locked up, when he's going to release a full-length project + More!

Learning about the drill scene when he was locked up the rapper expressed that he had always been around other artists who made music but didn’t start to do it himself until he was in prison.

“I got indicted in 2016, before my mans and them were rapping and I would be in the background, I started writing and s--- when I was locked up, my mans and them used to tell me about the drill music over the phone. They used to play it on the phone, now they got tablets where people can send you music”

Releasing upwards of 20 singles this year 26ar has had no shortage of music dropping in 2020. Sharing a bit about dropping a project the rapper explained he's just waiting on the right time to drop but has more than enough records to make a full-length project happen.

“I feel like I gotta build the anticipation, I got records I could put on a tape right now I’m just waiting on it”

Check out the full interview above and listen to 26AR on iHeartRadio below…

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