Justin LaBoy On Beyonce Mentioning Him, From Social Media To A Record Deal

From a meme page to a record deal, Justin Laboy is going where no other social media star has gone before! Starting at the beginning of the pandemic Laboy found success when he coined the term #DemonTime. The term which quickly took over in popular media has gone as far as even being mentioned in Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce’s Grammy-nominated record “Savage”.

“Then Beyonce mentioned me on the record with Megan Thee Stallion, that was the number one record in the world, Im acting like im humble but Beyonce knows who I am but she mentioned my brand on the remix and that’s major”

Since the demon time era of the pandemic Laboy has continued to grow his following and expand his brands but not without some resistance. At one point the social media star became banned from Instagram having to eventually start all over before reaching the point where he is now with 1.6 Million followers and is also verified.

“From banned to verified I don’t know anyone who has been through that before, I started from scratch again, I started posting memes and funny stuff, Kevin Durant, Meek Mill, Drake all kinda came on the page liking and commenting so it started picking up steam and in 4/5 month I got 1.6 Million followers, shoutout to everyone over at Instagram who made it possible to forgive a young king”

Now Justin is expanding his brand passed social media and taking his talents into the studio with the release of his new single “Respectfully”

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