David S Gray On Hit Single “Found Love”, Inspiring Artists To Be Themselves

David S Gray is coming off his new hit single “Found Love” which has already gained well over 5 MILLION views on Youtube alone. Stopping by On The Radar the artist spoke about the single, how he plans on branching out into more genres of music and his hopes to inspire other artists to be themselves.

With “Found Love” David’s main goal was to bring some much-needed good vibes during the global pandemic. The song which was inspired by a family friend of his has become a huge hit garnishing millions of views online and even starting a viral tik tok trend.

“Most of my records are about other people, this was just with a close family member she always used to complain how she couldn’t find anybody and one day she would talk to me about this guy and I was like you finally found somebody so I wrote that song about her and it turned out to be a smash”

With his next single “Leave The Trap” he's hoping to inspire other artists out there to leave their current situation and start going to the next level whatever that may be!

“When I’m talking about leave the trap I mean like leave Mcdonalds, if you’re an artist and you work at Mcdonalds, that’s your trap. I tell people don’t sit there and settle, go to the next level”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to David S Gray on iHeartRadio below…

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