Casanova's Wife Shares Video of Rapper Before Turning Himself In

Earlier today we reported that Casanova turned himself into authorities after the FBI put out a tweet saying they were searching for him on charges such as conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances etc.

His wife who goes by @Swaggy.Jazzy_2x on Instagram shared a video of her husband right before he turned himself in with a message:

'Last night was the longest,worst,emotional ride of my life riding with my husband to surrender hisself knowing what he’s up against. I just wanted to hold him in my arms and scratch is back (like he loves me to do) forever at that moment but He’s the strongest man I know and one thing about Cas is he dont run from his problems he faces them like a man. We gon get through this. Don’t believe everything you see! my husband is innocent until proven guilty always remember that and we’re gonna fight for his freedom! I love you baby me and Cassie got you like you had us and I’m still repping 2❌ 2thedeath"

Check out the post below...

Photo Getty Images

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