Barack Obama Says He Trusts The Science Behind The COVID-19 Vaccine

The Angie Martinez show got extremely presidential today with former President Barack Obama calling into the show! His new book "A Promise Land" has already SHATTERED records selling more than 1.7 million copies in its first week! Calling into the show the former President spoke about his new book, his reaction when he sees his daughters trending on Twitter, opening up the White House to Hip-Hop + more!

A few days ago Sasha Obama became a trending topic on Twitter because of a harmless Tik Tok that was posted online of her and her friends dancing. When asked by Angie if he and Michelle get nervous when he sees his daughters trending Obama's response was simply most of the time he doesn't know:

"You know the good news is most the time I don't know, which is probably just as well, she's a wonderful young lady just as Malia, and I think that is one of the greatest accomplished for me and Michelle that our kids turned out great and we're really proud of them"

Something that Barack Obama had done during his time in office that no president has done before was opening up the doors of the White House to Hip Hop with the likes of J Cole, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T, Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar and many more all paying the president a visit at some point during his time in office. Expressing to Angie that one of his goals during his presidency was to run a White House that was open to everyone having a seat at the table.

"It was intentional I think Michelle and I both saw the white house as the people's house, I think the first time you came was during a spoken word and poetry concert, and I think common was the host that night and part of our goal was to reflect the same value that has been in the campaigns, the same values I described in the book, I wanted to reflect an America where everybody has a seat at the table, where everybody is represented, where every body has a voice".

Before getting off the line there has been a lot of conversations about whether or not people want to take the current Coronavirus vaccine that is on it's way to approval, speaking a bit about it Barack Obama wants people to trust the science behind the vaccine.

"Vaccine is coming but were not there yet, I think what's going to happen is we'll get guidelines, folks who are at high risk will take it early, there's not enough vaccine for everbody all at once anyway, frontline workers, folks who are exposed, medical works, folks in nursing homes, the science behind it shows its highly effective, you know this is how we combat the virus, through science, so Joe Biden and Kamala Harris one of the great things about having them in office is having people we can trust to give us good information about what to do."

Check out the full Interview above!

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