Kalan.FRFR On His Upcoming EP, His Song Being Played During The NBA Finals

After dropping his Leak The Tape” project in 2019 along with a string of singles in 2020 we got to chop it up with Kalan FR.FR on On The Radar about having his song played in the 2020 NBA Finals/Playoffs, YG linking with him for the remix of “Right Wit It”, what the meaning of the FRFR movement is + more!

Recently dropping singles such as “Get In” with Stunna 4 Vegas and “Scoring” Kalan has found a ton of success in 2020 without even dropping a project. The latter of the two records “Scoring” was featured throughout the conclusion of the 2020 NBA Finals and Playoffs. However too much of Kalan’s surprise he had no idea it was happening till only minutes before but he is definitely appreciative of the opportunity that the NBA gave him.

“Everyday they just been playing it just on ESPN lately, it's still in rotation. I found out like 30 minutes before the game started, they gone play your song and I was like yall lying. I didn’t hear it till the third time it got played during the game”

The rapper also shared with us the meaning of his name as well as the meaning behind the “For Real, For Real” movement which he has used to give back to his community and support other artists with his annual TwoFR day!

“FRFR the movement, you gotta stay being yourself, you gotta be proud to be in your own skin”

Kalan is currently planning on dropping a new project in 2021!

Catch the full Interview above and listen to Kalan.FRFR on iHeartRadio below..

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