Casanova Wanted By FBI On Racketeering Amongst Other Charges

Casanova may have found himself in hot water as The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently searching for him in relation to a 18 person gang sting. Tweeting out on the New York FBI Account the agency said that 18 members of the "Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation" are being charged with racketeering, murder, narcotics, firearms and fraud offenses.

"As the indictment alleges, the violence and drug activity committed by these gang members threatened the safety of our communities and placed innocent lives at risk, Their unabashed criminal behavior, as alleged, included the murder of a 15-year-old and even extended to defrauding programs meant for people suffering economic hardship due to the pandemic. But thanks to the partnership and hard work of all law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation, we were able to stop this violent criminal organization and show that Gorilla Stone is actually not ‘untouchable.’"

In a following tweet the FBI also said that they are currently searching for Casanova in connection with the case. See the tweets below...

Photo Getty Images

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