Points On EP “Everything Is F---“, Writing For Ariana Grande, Having Covid

Writer, Producer and now artist Points stopped by On The Radar today in preparation for the release of his first project as an artist “Everything is F-----“ to talk about going from a writer to now artist, his work with Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, and his recent experience with the COVID-19 virus.

After writing for much of the 2010s for artists such as Ariana Grande (The Way & Right There), along with a plethora of some of the biggest names In the industry, Points decided it was time to step into the spotlight and release his own music. After a steady release of singles “On Me”, “Free Man” & “Perfume” his new project is here.

Sharing with us some details about finally being able to make music of his own he expressed he has been doing it for some time and this year motivated him to get out and just drop it!

“2020 man just gave me the time since everything had got shut down to just kinda be able to work on my own stuff but then also it just also made me feel we don’t know whats going to happen in the world so you might as well do what makes you happy and go after the things you want”

As a cautionary tale to everyone Points also shared what his experience with having the COVID-19 virus has been like and while being safe for the most part he still contracted it.

“Take it serious, like I think we trying to live life like is normal right now, its not normal its not a normal time just be careful, wear the mask, social distance as much as possible and honestly if its not important don’t go, this isn’t the time to be going out and turning up”

Make sure you stream Point’s new project tomorrow and check out the full Interview above!

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