Lil Haiti On Single “Poland Spring”, Upcoming EP, Helping Other NYC Rappers

Lil Haiti just dropped his brand new single “Poland Spring” today and is gearing up to take 2021 by storm with his upcoming new EP! Calling into On The Radar we spoke to the rapper about his new music as well as how he wants to help more rappers from New York get on and hopefully influence others to show more NYC unity!

After not dropping a full project since 2018 Haiti is ramping up to drop a new EP and tells us along with “Poland Spring” being a HUGE record he has a big feature on the way as well!

“That’s gonna be one of the biggest records and around January we’re going to drop a whole EP, we got a big feature on the way”.

When it comes to New York rappers Lil Haiti wants to make sure that as he continues to grow he brings others up with him and tells us that he thinks we need more of that for the city!

“First thing is giving them a shot, putting them in the spotlight, talk about them put them in conversations and bring them on tours. I’m pretty sure if I do it for them it opens up the door for other people to do it for others”

Check out Lil Haiti’s new single “Poland Spring” below and check out the full Interview above!

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